AGNO3 (ˈā-jē-en-ō-THrē)

Ever-curious and in a state of perpetual experimentation, AGNO3 strives to break new ground in the realm of sound. Mixing genres and styles that may seem unlikely is a staple of his sound, toying with elements of rock, hip hop, electronica, and more. An unspoken but very present player in the upcoming wave of producers, AGNO3 has left his mark in both the underground and in mainstream music releasing 5 LPs (many of which unknown and now unavailable) and a handful of EPs and singles through labels such as Monstercat, BLU music, Black Hole Recordings, kolourbridge, and his own label Limbic Records. Constantly working, there is always more on the horizons coming from AGNO3.


Limbic Records is an independent record label founded by AGNO3 in 2010. With an eclectic roster of artists, Limbic’s aim was to bring fresh and unique talent to the masses, indiscriminate of genre. With international artists ranging from France to Ireland, Canada to Eastern Europe, it’s clear that Limbic was a label without borders, physical or ideological. Although currently inactive as a label, many of the artists that began their careers under Limbic are still thriving and growing in their own rite to this day.

There are hopes and plans of reviving Limbic Records when the time is right.